Jaret’s Bowling For Soup - Episode #12

Hey Everybody!

Can you believe the following...

  • This podcast has been going on for over a year
  • Ryan and Jaret of People On Vacation have "little girl sleep overs"
  • Jaret's nephew (AKA Captain Baby) likes Ryan's crevices and is silly
  • Jaret's mom listens to this Podcast to find out what he's up to

Join Jaret and special guest Ryan Hamilton from Smile Smile/ People On Vacation as they discuss support bands for the UK acoustic tour in April, and the history of both Smile SMile & People On Vacation. Plus...an update on ALL things BFS.

This episode's music selections are from Smile SMile, Linus of Hollywood and fan submitted music about poop..

Also check out the new podcast feature: Random Questions

Plus there's talk about Jaret almost pooping his pants, coffee and kids...tons o' stuff.

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