Ep 7 - BFS Fan Page Rampage - Gary Wiseman sits in!

• November 19th, 2018

Welcome Gary to the Rampage!! Lots to discuss! Let's do this!! 

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Ep 6 - BFS Fan Page Rampage - Final Warped Tour review & More

• August 22nd, 2018

Welcome to Episode 6!!! 

Thank you to everyone for your questions! 

PLEASE share and give us a review wherever you listen to podcasts!! 

Join the fan page!!


Love you all! 

Jaret and Daniel!!

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Ep 5 - The Dollyrots Answer Questions About BFS!

• June 7th, 2018

This podcast is created from content suggested and requested from our amazing Facebook Fanpage! 

Go join now!! 


Today's episode features The Dollyrots answering questions submitted from the page! 


Jaret and Daniel

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Ep 4 - BFS Fanpage Rampage - April 2018

• April 27th, 2018

We are back!! Already!! And kinda on time!!!

Jaret talks about all things BFS and introduces us to a new band he is managing! 

Also, we talk future touring and recording.

And much, much more!!

Enjoy guys!!

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BFS Fanpage Rampage - EP 3 - Better Late Than Never

• April 17th, 2018

Recorded a month or more ago!! I am so sorry! Hopefully is is still a good listen! LOTS of fan Qs answered!! Love you all!


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The BFS Fan Page Rampage - Episode 2

• January 15th, 2018

Jaret and Daniel talk all things BFS! Questions and topics submitted by the BFS Fan Page!


Thanks for listening! Please subscribe and rate us!! 


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BFS Fan Page Rampage Episode 1

• December 8th, 2017

Welcome subscribers of The Jaret Show to The BFS Fan Page Rampage! (The Jaret Nation Podcast will live here just after the first of the year!)

In this, our very first episode:

- Daniel opens a beer straight away

- Jaret snorts a lot because he is always sick for a podcast! 

- The guys discuss what is going on in Jaret's world, what is happening with Bowling For Soup, and the meaning behind the lyrics in "Pictures he Drew!"

- And, we, OF COURSE, take questions from the BFS Face book fan page!

To be a part of the show, go sign up to be a member of the BFS Fan page on Twitter! (Hi Fiona!!)

Don't forget to subscribe to the show on Podbean, iTunes, or wherever you listen, and PLEASE give us a good review! 

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The Jaret Show #31 - The PledgeMusic Podcast Featuring Your Bands!

• August 4th, 2017

This will be the final episode of The Jaret Show... 

BECAUSE #jaretNation is launching soon! Right here! No need to do ANYTHING on your end but listen, rate, review and share!!!

The first 20 minutes of this podcast made me SO happy...Can NOT wait to launch!

Also on this podcast...And most importantly...As part of Bowling For Soup's PledgeMusic campaign for Drunk Dynasty, eight artists/bands each submitted a song to be on this podcast. I play and discuss those bands and songs.

Please make sure to check out Jaret Goes To The Movies wherever you listen to podcasts!!!

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The Jaret Show #30 - Special guest Brian Vander Ark (The Verve Pipe)

• May 28th, 2016

Super stoked to be talking to Brian Vander Ark of the band The Verve Pipe! 

We discuss the band, their MASSIVE hit "The Freshman," his roll in the movie Rockstar, both being father's of three and, of course, his Jennifer Aniston kiss...WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!
Special thanks to brian for talking to me for over an hour! 
Hear the rest of the interview on the ROCKSTAR episode on www.jaretgoestothemovies.com

Check out all of Brian's stuff at
Twitter - @brianvanderark1
Instagram - @brianvanderark
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The Jaret Show #29 - I am BACK!!! - Guests Rich Coleman and my neighbor Tim!!

• April 27th, 2016

Since starting the new Jaret Goes To The Movies podcast, I have really missed the free flow format of my own podcast...So I am bringing it back!! YES! The Jaret Show

In this episode, I introduce you to my Jaret Goes to the Movies Podcast costar Rich, as well as my neighbor Tim Toole, who himself is becoming quite a character!!

I also discuss new music projects for Bowling For Soup, an album from me and Kelly Dollyrot (whaaaaat??!?!) and tons of other shiz!!!

Good to be back!

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